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What is the Environmental Impact of Plastic Lumber?

Many of the products used to make the Grey is Green Plastic Lumber are a one time use material, which means millions of pounds of plastic ends up in the landfill. Grey is Green Plastic Lumber is made from recycled oil and paint pail. Our products help keep these materials in the circular economy.

Does Plastic Lumber shrink or expand with temperature changes?

Yes, all plastic lumber products exhibit some degree of expansion and contraction due to temperature extremes. Lab results show that with Plastic Lumber there is greater shrinkage in cold temperatures, than expansion in heat. Shrinkage and expansion occur lengthwise, and Plastic Lumber resumes its original size with the original temperature. Shrinkage can be reduced by using more fasteners throughout the length of the board.  

Is Grey is Green Lumber the same as composite lumber?

Grey is Green plastic is made from 100% polyethylene plastic. Where as composite boards are made from of multiple other materials  such as wood. With the Grey is Green plastic being 100% polyethylene plastic adds to its durability. 

Can the plastic be painted?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. If painting is required, use paint designed for plastic. 

Can I uses GIG Plastic in all areas of my home?

No. Plastic Lumber cannot be used in load-bearing situations. For example, it cannot be used to hold up a second story deck, or as a support beam in the wall of a building. 

Is Plastic Lumber expensive?

Plastic Lumber pricing is comparable to that of composite products – and in fact, it is less expensive than some.

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